As we come closer to the time of our Kindergarten Winter Festival, so too do the children come to the mid way point of their time in Kindy. From being very young children arriving with their families during the expansive time of summer, they have all grown and changed. The children who have already turned six are showing longer arms and legs and a new freedom within their life body. The children still longing to turn six are working hard with forces that push within them to loose teeth, as well as with a new feeling of separation from their parents. Each child is growing and becoming, feeling an individualisation from the inherited forces of their birth.

In Kindy, we are supported by rhythm. Each day’s rhythm, our weekly rhythm and our seasonal rhythm carry the children gently and softly. Learning to work together, helping, sharing, and caring for each other and our Kindy, is happy work. In addition to this, our daily activities inspire the children and meet their will forces by enabling them to do meaningful tasks. Story and song carry us along and, as tools for teaching, also build on the children’s imagination and inspiration for play.

Drawing, craft, painting, baking, gardening, eurythmy, modelling and creative play all help the children build their body with goodness. In Kindy, the children develop resilience to meet the world, all done within the protective arms of our garden. Little birds  come to visit this garden, grasshoppers hip and hop and our Mother Starry Amber’s leaves has made a blanket upon Mother Earth. We are all filled with love and gratitude for all the gifts we receive and, as we hold an inner light within us during the contractive time of winter, the stars shine upon us. We are indeed blessed in Kindy.

Jenny Lott
Birdsong Kindy Teacher