Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council have been meeting weekly since the beginning of the year to work on projects that are important to High School students. SRC members are elected representatives of their year levels and share the outcomes of the weekly meetings with their peers.  They have been important advocates for developing student voice.

So far this year, the SRC have organised: a new volleyball net, helped make the toilets more aesthetically welcoming, improved the recycle/green bin signage, organised a fundraiser for Wallum and had input into a range of decisions made at the School. They have met with members of the leadership team including Business Manager Steve Klipin and Head of School Jane Beattie.

Other staff visitors have also spoken to the SRC about sustainability and recycling in the School. Recently the group met with two members of the Board, Steve Heptonstall and Alana Robins, who explained the role of the Board and with whom they exchanged ideas on School priorities.

At the start of the year, the students created a mission statement and each week the SRC considers issues which fall within this statement. Our mission statement is:

The SRC at Shearwater will build a bridge between the student body and the wider School community. Our main goals include:

  • to increase the involvement of the SRC in school decision making, including helping organise and support events, camps, programs etc.
  • help maintain cleanliness of the School grounds.
  • support refurbishment of the School.
  • positively contribute to our wider community and support local charity work.

Students who are wanting to be proactive and have their voice heard about what is important to them are welcome to join.

Lynne West and Yvonne Barrett
Staff Coordinators