• Overall Grand Winner

    Rin by Tiehj Kerry

  • Director’s Prize and Section 4 Highly Commended

    Flourescent Festivities by Tia Rose Lovett

  • Most Creative Use of Materials and Section 5 Highly Commended

    Flor-Rhaya by Eloise Galea

  • Section 1 Winner

    Green Lights by Natalie Hamblin (Photo by Jeff Dawson)

  • Section 1 Highly Commended

    Salacia’s Secret Coral Garden by Ashlee Kinghazel

  • Section 2 Winner

    The Little Golden Book Dress by Maggie Wretham

  • Section 2 Highly Commended

    One Thousand Paper Cranes by Aimi Leeman

  • Section 3 Winner

    Penelope Dreadful by Quinn Strickland

  • Section 3 Highly Commended

    Hidden Dreams by Olga Blake-McKenzie

  • Section 4 Winner

    Homeostasis by Olga Blake-McKenzie

  • Emerging Artist Award

    Flower Power by River Davies

  • Youth Award (18 years and under)

    La Vie Eternelle by Lucette Richer

  • Youth Award (13 years and under)

    A Spoken Word’s Secret Keeper by Leni Rose McCormick