Once upon a time…

In the Star Daisies group, the children are enjoying their work and play. Connections with friends, teachers and our Preschool space are deepening, as is the children’s engagement with the program. A favourite part of the Star Daisies day is story time and it is a delight to look around and see the children’s wide eyes as they drink in the weekly story.

 Oral storytelling is an important aspect of our Preschool program. Teachers will carefully choose, learn or create a story that meets an aspect of the children’s development and interests, and tell, rather than read this story.

These narratives, rooted in the rhythms of nature and human experience, encourage children to engage actively, question, and make meaningful connections, enhancing their cognitive development and sense of identity. The incorporation of natural elements in stories helps children grasp the interconnectedness of life, promoting a respectful understanding of the environment and its cycles. Story is also used in a curative way, addressing social challenges, behaviours or experiences that the teachers are looking to support the children to resolve.

As children gather to share in the storytelling experience, a sense of belonging and community is cultivated, essential for emotional security. Through the wisdom of storytelling and listening children become equipped to navigate their development with confidence, understanding their place in the world and their connection to it.

Maya Robinson Kennedy
Preschool Teacher