What a busy term we have had. It started off with a very welcome surprise, when our two guinea pigs both had babies. On the very first day of Term 2, Silky had three little ones and, a couple of weeks later, Buttercup had two. The children were beside themselves with delight. We have been learning so much about their habits and needs; making sure their home is clean with straw and giving them fresh water and greens every day. The children are very helpful and are learning to hold them gently and to talk in soft voices around them.

Our Playgroup parents and carers have been busily crafting dreamcatchers and little felted animals. Our second craft activity for the term is sewing a little gnome in a pouch, which the children can wear around their necks.

It is wonderful to see how some of the older children are taking care of the younger ones in the groups, reading a book and telling stories captivates even the littlest ones.

We have almost finished making our lanterns, in preparation for our mid-winter celebrations. This year, we collected leaves and grasses in the garden and then made prints with carmine red and ultramarine to create various shades of purple, magenta, and soft pinks and blues. We are looking forward to warm pumpkin soup, fresh homemade ‘crunchy buns’ and a spiral walk with our lanterns, singing our winter songs. Wishing everyone a wonderful warm and heartfelt winter solstice.

Carina Halliday
Playgroup Coordinator