Star Daisies

The autumn colours have arrived at Little Shearwater, and our seasonal table reminds us of the harvest time and the essence of the season. The Star Daisies have noticed the changes in nature and are enjoying the joys of autumn. The children are experiencing changes in the colours, the length of their days, and, most notably, cooler air in the morning. We hold space for this natural wonder and awe provided to us by Mother Nature and nurture the children’s senses through our walks, outdoor and indoor play, cooking, and gardening.

During the day, the children hear stories and sing songs about autumn. They enthusiastically join in with the songs, movements, and gestures. The gestures used in our morning circle relate to the sensory world and follow the imagery, rhythm and music that flow through the story, nurturing the life forces responsible for building the physical body in the early years.

In Term 2, the children are more settled and used to the Preschool rhythm, joyfully engaging in our Preschool activities. New friendships are developing, and some are being strengthened.

On these beautiful autumn days, outdoor play has been very special. The children are enjoying sand play and sailing on our boat. In our sandpit, we can see cakes, castles, sand balls, roads, tunnels, and very deep holes. They are busy digging in the mud area, climbing the mango tree and the mulberry tree, sharing a swing in the hammock, enjoying the swings, and cooking delicious dishes in the cubby house. Hot chocolates, soups, cupcakes, and milkshakes are very popular. They are also harvesting chokos, which we cooked and tasted at our lunchtime in week 2.

Each week, the children help us prepare their own morning teas. Crunchy buns and apple crumble are their favourites, as well as making birthday cakes for our celebrations and chopping juicy fruits. They are encouraged to help with daily tasks such as setting up the table, wiping the tables, and washing their plates and bowls after morning tea. The Star Daisies have been helpful in the garden, watering the veggies, planting seeds and bulbs, and caring for the soil and plants. These are all wonderful learning experiences that strengthen the children’s will and build their thinking capacity.

The indoor play has also been delightful, with cosy cubbies being a regular feature of play, as well as caring for the dolls and playing with blocks and story props.

Last week, we went on a walk to the Farm and met Farmer Spike, who was harvesting honey! The children loved tasting the delicious gift given by the bees.

We are blessed to be part of such a special school, with so much to do and see.
In Rudolf Steiner’s words: To educate the whole child, his heart and his will must be reached as well as the mind.

Fernanda de Falco
Star Daisies Preschool Group