Preschool fun in the sun

It has been such a wonderful beginning to our year here at Preschool, and we have been blessed with glorious sunny summer days to enjoy. We are welcoming many new children and families as well as those returning to the Fairy Wrens again this year. It is so lovely to see the children’s faces light up when seeing their friends as they arrive in the morning and meeting new friends and developing new connections, as well.
The children are settling well into the Preschool rhythm and routines of the day. We have been singing, drawing, baking, painting, listening to stories and enjoying our shared morning teas. Many children enjoy joining in with baking and helping to cut our juicy fruit, as well as working together at pack away times, like busy bees buzzing about in the hive!  The children are especially delighting in their times of self-directed play, both inside and outside in our beautiful gardens. The cubby house kitchen and sandpit are often busy with many children creating tasty treats or building sandcastles and cooling off with water play. The children immerse deeply in their self- initiated play, which is really the ‘work’ of the child in these early years.
We are so fortunate to have such wonderful gardens to play in and the children are noticing the busy bees gathering pollen and the different butterflies that are flying about. We even enjoyed the sweetest, juiciest mangoes from our own trees for morning tea! Such a delight to enjoy the treats of summertime right here in our Preschool garden!

Danni Noad
Preschool Fairy Wrens Teacher