Surfing research initiative

As spring emerges, a fresh wave of change has rolled in with the High School Surfing Initiative. Students are now greeting the early morning light with enthusiasm, as well as wetsuits and boards, as they embark on a three-week before-school surfing adventure.

These before-school surfing sessions have taken shape as part of a research project to explore the benefits of pre-school surfing on student well-being, and its potential impact on classroom engagement.

Surfing brings a multitude of positive qualities to our students’ lives. Beyond mastering the waves, students now enjoy a rejuvenating morning routine in the ocean, fostering meaningful interactions with some of their teachers before the school day begins. We owe our gratitude to the Rotary Club in Mullumbimby for their support, as they generously provide our students with a nourishing post-surf breakfast. With sand between their toes and salt in their hair, our students are all smiles as they head to the classroom.

In essence, it’s a harmonious blend of happy days and happy waves, exemplifying the spirit of growth, well-being, and community here in our High School.

Tai Johnston
High School Teacher