Class 3

Class 3 have been exploring many different aspects of schooling over the past few months. We have dived down deep into punctuation with a main lesson and an upcoming play. The children are all setting sail with Captain Capital and the punctuation team, heading off to Grammar Island where they are faced with a few problems to solve.

These adventures are just right for the Class 3 child as they learn to love what we as adults take for granted. Using imagination, verse, songs and mystery, the children are excited to perform and show what they have learned.

Class 3 is also the year of gardening. Through their exploration of Ancient Persia, the move from hunting and gathering into domestication of animals, home building and crop growing, the children spend one day a week planting, weeding, composting, caring for chickens, mulching and feasting on the harvest. It is a big adventure and sometimes tiring but the rewards are wonderful. Brigid, our gardener is always on the lookout for our next gardening adventure and has a beautiful way with the children.

In our recent science Main Lesson, we explored the 12 senses through experimentation. The children had many adventures here, sometimes hesitant to explore and always delighted with the outcomes. They learned to keep a record of the results and were always enthusiastic to find out what would be next.

In their craft lessons the children have crocheted lovely cushion covers, built stilts and are currently working with the craft of long stitch. The industry of craft sits beautifully beside gardening and farming and will continue throughout the rest of the year with felt making and clay blocks.

Class 3 have been blessed to have a music main lesson with Anja this term and 3W has taken us in with recorder playing. Our recorder skills have improved 100 percent and I thank both William and Anja for their efforts. We have also begun our strings ensemble this term and what a wonder it is to watch these young people transforming into a cohesive group of musicians. Their skills in listening, participating and playing are strong and forever building thanks to our wonderful strings team. With spring upon us, Class 3 has blossomed. I am so proud of their efforts and amazed by their boundless enthusiasm and joy in the world.

Julie Marx
Class 3 Teacher