Our Gunya

Over the summer holidays our Gunya was beautifully crafted by Mudjai and a team of trusted helpers, harvesting and shaping paperbark into a space for our School community to respect the land and its custodians. It was with much joy, that we came together as a community to celebrate the Gunya’s reopening this term.

The celebrations began with stories, dance and painting as Mudjai, with the help of Briony and Dallas led the primary school students on a journey to connect to the space, the land and themselves. The fire was stoked all day by Joe and various high school helpers as they roasted bunya nuts for everyone to enjoy. The High School students shared the space for the afternoon with discussions and stories.

The showers came and went all day and, like the performers, the best was saved for the evening, which pushed the event inside the Hall. A group from Year 8 prepared delicious curries to feed the mob and families came with picnics to share. We had dancing, film and songs from the Kids Caring for Country dance group, the Babilali dancers, Waangenga and Opus and Lolo. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect and celebrate our community. A big thank you to all that participated and worked hard to make the day so much fun.

Kat Hope 
Star Canoe