Playgroup is a place of making connections and creating community. Friendships are formed that often last for years. The children are busy watching and learning how to be with each other. We practice important social skills such as; sharing is caring, taking turns, waiting patiently and dealing with conflict with the loving support of the parents.

Playgroup provides a place for parents to share their struggles and joys with each other and receive reassurance that they are not alone. The old saying it takes a village to raise a child has never been truer. Coming together and supporting each other in a safe place, is of utmost importance, particularly in these days, where so much community is online, without the warmth of human to human connections.

Our animal program particularly supports the children’s senses. Holding the guinea pigs develops the senses of touch and warmth, but also a sense of life and wellbeing. We also have little fish we need to feed and take care of. It is wonderful to see the children mesmerised by their darting to and fro. Many a time, a visit to the fish has brought calm when one of the children has been inconsolable.

Our parent craft activity is in full Easter swing, with felted eggs and chicken-shaped egg warmers and Easter baskets to put it all in. Wishing everyone a wonderfully warm and caring Easter.

Carina Halliday
Playgroup Coordinator