Birdsong Kindergarten

There are many things growing and changing Here at Birdsong Kindy.
We have been lucky enough to have had many caterpillars weave their green and gold cocoons and have seen the Monarch butterflies as they emerge and take their first flight.
Merrily Magpie’s babies have been growing bigger and more confident, singing loudly in our garden and and beginning to search for their own food, while Merrily watches on.
Our Blossom Babies have been sewn with care; our turtle shells have been finger knitted and woven; and of course our turtles have grown and changed as we have fed them into plump young hatchlings ready for their own adventures in Mother Ocean.
And of course the Kindy children are growing and changing too, as we prepare them for their summer festival and ceremony and transition into Class 1.
What a wonderful year it has been. I look forward to hearing stories of the many adventures of Class 1 and beyond.

Kat Barwick
Birdsong Kindergarten Teacher