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Library Search

Students may search for books from home via the Shearwater Library site. The link is found on the School’s website under: Parent Info – Library.


It’s exciting to see students engaged with reading and borrowing this term. Many books that have been ordered are from student suggestions! 

One strategy we recommend when choosing a ‘just right’ book to borrow  (especially our early readers) is the five finger rule’However, it is not a fast rule. Students’ interest and motivation to read a particular book is very important; and a little challenge will help extend their reading. Also parents can read the books with them! Reading aloud by parents is highly recommended.  Studies have shown that children who are read to regularly are more likely to develop early literacy skills, such as rhyming, letter recognition, and phonemic awareness (hearing the sounds in spoken words); and it helps to continue developing their language and literacy skills. 

Books that reflect different cultures and family experiences give all kids a window into the diverse world we live in. Exposure to a wide range of books helps build both empathy and background knowledge — introducing children to different cultures, time periods, and ways of thinking, and helping them develop a broader understanding of the world around them. Other books give kids a chance to see someone who looks like them as an empathetic character, hero, or important historical figure, contributing to a sense of self-esteem. (

World Book Encyclopedia Online

The library has subscribed to the Students World Book Online  again this year to support Years 4 to 8 students in their research and personal learning projects (PLP). This can be used from home! The user login and password is: shearwater

World Book encyclopedia allows students to translate articles to different languages. It includes information, photos, videos, images, charts and citations for students to acknowledge their sources. There is also a dyslexic font and audio feature! 

Damaged books

It is a student’s responsibility to care for their library books. Years 2 – 4 are expected to have a library bag to borrow. Years 5 and 6 students, while not needing a bag, are still expected to look after their books. We have seen a bit of rain already this term and unfortunately some books are being returned with water damage which causes mould. Students should let the librarians know if this is the case so the book can be removed and replacement copies bought. As with any damaged book, the expectation is that the cost of the book will be reimbursed. Please contact the librarians at for more information.

Leaving students

Students have two weeks from exiting the School to return library books and textbooks. Lost or damaged library books will need to be paid for. A note from the Library will be emailed to parents providing details.