Year 7 look back

As the young people of Year 7 depart the wonder of their Primary School years and cast their gaze towards High School, they are being guided in a biographical reflection as a marker of their time shared together. Our Biography Main Lesson provides these young people with the chance to document the key events and experiences of their lives to date. This time is crafted in order to lead the two Class 7 groups into a united High School cohort, as their care and guidance is officially handed over from their Class Teachers to their new Guardians, Mary Julien and Thomas O’Brien, who will walk beside them over the next five years of High School.

A defining moment in this important year was the Class camp in the Gawler Rangers of South Australia. This wonderful adventure saw the group working and walking with camels, sleeping under the glow of the milky way and feeling the immense expanse of the desert and salt lake country.

This term marks the completion of a journey shared by Chicken, Dallas and Briony which began in 2017 as two groups of bright-eyed children crossed the bridge on their first day of Primary School. What an adventure it has been!

Chicken Vuorinen
Class 7 Teacher