Class 5

Class 5J has an exciting term ahead with Main Lessons in Australian history, maths and botany. In our Australian Settlement Main Lesson, students are developing an appreciation and understanding of Australia’s rich cultural identity. The focus is on storytelling, understanding timelines, art and geographical awareness, which will assist students in connecting with their emotional and imaginative sides, allowing them to empathise with different perspectives and cultures. This will aid in their social and emotional development, as well as their ability to understand and appreciate diversity. The class is also working on individual projects that they will present, based on their own interests.

In our World of Mathematics Main Lesson, the aim is to encourage a love for mathematics and an appreciation of its practical applications in everyday life. The combination of theory and practical application will help students develop their problem-solving skills and analytical thinking. This will aid in their cognitive development, as well as their ability to think critically and logically.

Lastly, through our Botany Main Lesson, 5J will develop an understanding of the importance of plants in their lives and the environment. The focus on hands-on experiences will help students connect with nature and develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world. This will aid in their physical and emotional development, as well as their ability to observe and appreciate the beauty and complexity of the world around them.

In addition to these Main Lessons, the children are engaged in a variety of learning experiences throughout the week, that aid in a child’s holistic development. Playing a musical instrument helps to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and auditory processing. It also promotes a sense of rhythm and musicality. Engaging in sports/games aids in physical development, coordination, and teamwork skills. It also promotes sportsmanship, resilience, and a healthy lifestyle.

Creative story writing encourages imagination, creativity, and self-expression. It helps children develop their communication and language skills, as well as their ability to empathise and understand different perspectives. Procedural text, on the other hand, teaches children the importance of clear and concise communication. It helps them develop their logical thinking, problem-solving, and organisational skills. Overall, these activities will provide a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures the physical, emotional, cognitive, and artistic development of our wonderful Class 5 students.

As always, we encourage the children to embrace our School values of creativity, community, and compassion. We believe that by embodying these values, our students will develop the skills and attitudes necessary to make positive contributions to the world around them. We certainly look forward to a wonderful term of learning, growth and community.

Jacqui Doran
Class 5 Teacher