Dr Lakshmi

Last week we welcomed Dr Lakshmi Prasanna into the Primary School and Early Childhood. Lakshmi visited Classes 1 and 2 and then met with the teachers and learning support assistants. Lakshmi’s feedback and insights are always of great benefit to the teachers and this year Lakshmi said she was truly moved by the beauty in each classroom and how well each class was held. Her advice was to have ‘fun’ with the curriculum.

The theme for Lakshmi’s visit this year was Warmth and in her parent talk she spoke about bringing warmth to children through regular rhythms and routines, through healthy food, through genuine interest and unconditional positive regard and through the metabolic limb system. Lakshmi mentioned the importance of maintaining movement and doing, as well as routines, even when we have strong feelings. This is one way adults can model a healthy lifestyle to children.

Trained as a paediatrician, Lakshmi is passionate about child health and nutrition for parenting, and is an advocate for sensitive children. She is a popular speaker for international conferences and also consults to Steiner schools providing teacher training and support for children and families. Lakshmi has been visiting our school for many years and we look forward to her next visit.

Cathy Jones
Primary School Coordinator